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99.13% uptime

I’ve been using host-tracker for a while now to monitor my uptime. Today they sent me my quarterly report and i’m pleased to report, to you, that my uptime is better than many for pay shared hosting providers. My little server that i put together myself, running directly on the grid with no UPS, running off a little tiny slow home dsl connection, and connected to that connection via an old wireless bridge is better than some datacenters. That is just awesome. Below i have included the report they sent me, whitespace and all.

Quarterly report 2008-01


Total uptime:99.13% Downtime:6 hour(s) 13 min(s)
Quarterly uptime:99.13% Downtime:6 hour(s) 13 min(s)
Month 2008-03 Uptime:99.13% Downtime:6 hour(s) 13 min(s)

*Update*So, wordpress helpfully stripped the white space. Yay!