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My Gear

There is a new page in the about section titled “My Gear” with a list of my computer setup at home complete with pictures. So check it out, and, let me know in the comments what you’ve got. Send me a link. If i get several good ones i may post them.

Dropdown Menu’s

As anyone who follows me on twitter knows, I have added drop down menu’s to this site. Its nice, check it out, hover over the “About Me” link up there. Yeah, not bad. Also known by twitter users is the fact that i did not come up with the css, etc. that goes into this. All credit, copyright, whatever goes to @bradkovach (bradkovach.com). I have access to the themes he made for the lcsd2.org sites and i just copied and pasted from there without permission. So i’d like to thank him for his generous lack of anger/suing me.

Now the reason i wanted drop down menu’s in the first place is for semantic organization. Hover over about me and you get contact info, etc., stuff that belongs under about. It also allows me to have more static content while still using this theme. I rather like this theme/don’t feel like looking for another and would prefer to keep it. Now i can.

Sometime in the future i will be adding things like contact info and actual content. If you have any suggestions/hate, please use the contact page to let me know.