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Regex file rename.

Short post today, trying to post more often.

Ever had a folder full of files?  Universally, the answer to that is yes.  But, have you ever wanted to mass rename the files according to a pattern?  I had such a need today.  I had a poorly thought out backup script for my sql files.  I had named them all by date in the pattern mm.dd.yy.tar.gz.  That works just fine for a year but after that, they don’t sort well.  You end up with something like below.


See the problem?  Its not sorted properly when you get a folder listing.  Makes it difficult to determine which backups you actually have.  So, I wrote a little regex to rename them all.  I matched the first four digits ($1) the last set of digits ($2) and the rest of the file ($3).  Then I rename it in the form 20$2.$1.$3.  This has the effect of placing the year at the beginning of the file like i should’ve done to begin with.

rename -v 's/(\d\d\.\d\d)\.(\d\d)\.(.+)$/20$2\.$1\.$3/' *.gz

That one little command instantly renamed 731 files saving me an enormous amount of time and effort.  Knowing regular expressions has been a very useful skill.  I strongly encourage anyone interested to visit regular-expressions.info.