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Remote Desktop over ssh tunnel

This is a quick little post to show off some of the capabilities of an ssh tunnel. So, the back story. Earlier today, i was having a problem. There is a server on lcsd2.org that i needed gui (Apple Remote Desktop) access to. In the past, there is an ipsec based vpn i could use that was as simple as a single mouse click. Unfortunately, UW has decided, for whatever reason, that outbound ipsec tunnels shouldn’t be allowed. I can’t connect. However, i do have ssh access to a server on the inside of the network, and thats how this works. Read more »

iPhone Ringtones

I got an iPhone! Wheeeeeee!!!
Sorry. So, i got me an iPhone for christmas. Its great. Its an iPod, its a phone, its a pda, its the best internet appliance there is, and its a great game platform too. Really, it beats my old phone out of the water in just about every way. But, there is one shortcoming it shares with all phones. Ringtones. Stupid little 5-30 second clips that should $!%@ing be free cost up to $3.00 on other platforms and cost an additional $.99 in addition to the cost of the song for the iPhone. Its wrong. Well, i’m Jesse. I don’t pay a full freaking dollar for 20-30 seconds of music. I also don’t rebuy the music for the privilege of paying that full dollar. You shouldn’t either. You have the music, you want the clip, and i’m going to tell you how to do it. Read more »

Mac OS X Single User Mode Password Reset

*Update* This article is out of date.  The new instructions for Lion and Mountain Lion are here.

Have you ever needed to get into a mac but didn’t know the password. Maybe you forgot it. Maybe your roommate changed it and headed off for christmas break. Maybe you stole it in an airport and now want to use it. Whatever the situation, you need in but don’t have the credentials. I’m here to help.

In Mac OS X there are at least two methods for resetting a password. And it does require resetting. This isn’t windows, you can’t just boot off a cd and automatically crack the password. Apple decided to used modern encryption techniques 10 years ago that were probably 10 years old then to protect your passwords. Microsoft still hasn’t.

Method number 1: Follow the instructions here to boot off a disc and reset your password the apple way.

Method number 2: Follow my instructions below and reset it the “cool” way.

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