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A kitten prank.

Earlier today, i was sitting down, watching tv with my brother. We were both on laptops doing other things at the same time. He started watching an episode of loaded featuring 50 cent. I do not like 50 cent. After several minutes of the god-awful, talentless, garbage, i got sick of it. Did I go the pansy route and ask him to change it? No! I took the high road and made a few changed to my dns server causing all sites he tried to go to, to instead, go to kittenwar.com. I’ll show you how i did it.

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Google apps, jabber.

As very few of you know, (maybe i should actually put something in the about me section) i started this little website as a project to learn linux better and to learn to manage a webserver. Since then, this little project has turned into something i actually care about and take a measure of pride in. This is due in no small part to the miracle that is google apps for your domain.

I like managing a webserver. I like manually managing bind and apache from the command line. I like the sense of control i feel when i am able to make any changes i want any time i want. What i don’t like though, is email. Email is evil. Go ahead, take a look at the configuration files for sendmail sometime. Try postfix, not much better. I don’t want to do email but i want to get email. So what did i do? I went with google apps for your domain.

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