Power outage.

There was a power outage today. Actually first there was a brown-out for several minutes, then the power went out. Kinda freaked me out because i know how damaging brown-outs are for hard drives and when i came to shut off my server the hard drive activity light was solid. Luckily, server came up just fine fsck didn’t find any problems on any partitions, all is good. I survived the 2 hour outage by watching some of my back log of video podcasts, namely Tekzilla. Tekzilla is basically The Screensavers of old…today! Well, thats it for today, bye.


The crosshairs are gone!

The theme for this site used to use crosshairs insead of the default link hover curser. Its gone and it won’t be coming back. Unless you want it, if you do leave a comment.

PS. Why do i keep making posts to a website no one reads? Leave the answer in the comments.

Slight Downtime

So, something happened to my linux box on christmas day. The short story is, the mbr somehow got screwed up and i had to reinstall grub to the mbr.

The long story is that I was tired and didn’t feel like looking into it right then. I ran spinrite overnight (really aught to buy a legitimate copy of that) and went to sleep. The next morning spinrite came up fine for all my hdd’s, system still wouldn’t boot. So, i booted up my knoppix disc and did a file system check. My / partition had a few errors which it fixed. Reboot. Still won’t boot. The system would come up to the point where i would usually see the 3 second timeout for grub and just do nothing. This is where i decided to reinstall grub and see if that fixed it. I booted into knoppix again ran grub and issued these commands.

root (hd0,0)

setup (hd0)


hd0 is my first hdd. ,0 specifies the partition (i have my /boot on sda1 and my / on sda2). This fixed it and now i’m back in business.

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas!!! Wheee!!!!


Ok, i got nothin’. I did put a Christmas Tree at the top….that looks nice and cheery. I was going to put a frame of holly around this post but i haven’t the slightest idea how to do it. So…i give up.

Merry Christmas.

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