Cops Everywhere!

Wow, we had a lot of excitement tonight. Some guy that lives on the same little subdivision area thing that i do barricaded himself in his house with guns. Cops were blocking both entrances up to my house and after 5 hours of waiting in my car (eventually my dad got off work and went out to dinner), we finally came back and tried again. This time a nice lady cop let us by after making sure we understood that it was at our own risk if we went home. Even as i write this that guy is still in there. I feel pretty safe though, from the looks of things, every cop in Star Valley was there along with several cops from Jackson and a tactical unit (swat team) from Jackson as well. There is also a house, several trees, and a mound of snow between us.

*Update* 10:30 pm

As soon as i posted this we got a call. The situation’s been “resolved” and everything’s clearing out. I don’t know what “resolved” means but i’ll update this as soon as i get more information.

*Update 2* 03/06/08 6:00 pm

More information here Deputies Respond to Firearm Incident.

This is a Test.

This is a test of my new post by email system i’ve set up. Ha! you can’t do this with notepad!

*Update* Ok, so this nightly build of wordpress breaks a few things in the plugin i’m using for my post by email thing.  So…yeah.  Until the author updates this plugin or i really get motivated to learn php and hack this thing to work myself…no email posting.

New Button!!!1!!!1!!111!

Ok, so i’ve added the following button somewhere on the site.

Its awesome and will definitely attract more viewers. Definitely more viewers. Oh. Yeah.

P.S. If said button does not appear on the site then i am currently curled up in a fetal position crying over my inability to add it to said site. Help me.

You’re not pulling your weight.

I looked through my access logs that i’ve kept around since i got this site going. Below are the biggest visitors to my site according to how many “hits”(i think this is where that word applies) each unique ip has.


As you can see, the most popular visitor is me(, and the server itself(, Next we have which is the school district where i work so those are probably mine as well. Next is which happens to be google, crawling my site. Next is who i don’t really know anything about except they screwed up their nameserver. Next is google again then we have some company in washington, dc that owns a /8 ip range and then kyle. So…you suck. My top 10, and you’re not in it. Thanks.

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