99.13% uptime

I’ve been using host-tracker for a while now to monitor my uptime. Today they sent me my quarterly report and i’m pleased to report, to you, that my uptime is better than many for pay shared hosting providers. My little server that i put together myself, running directly on the grid with no UPS, running off a little tiny slow home dsl connection, and connected to that connection via an old wireless bridge is better than some datacenters. That is just awesome. Below i have included the report they sent me, whitespace and all.

Quarterly report 2008-01


Total uptime:99.13% Downtime:6 hour(s) 13 min(s)
Quarterly uptime:99.13% Downtime:6 hour(s) 13 min(s)
Month 2008-03 Uptime:99.13% Downtime:6 hour(s) 13 min(s)

*Update*So, wordpress helpfully stripped the white space. Yay!

WordPress 2.5 finally released!

Wordpress logoSo finally, 3 weeks after the scheduled date, wordpress version 2.5 has been released. WordPress is the software i use to power this site and the new version gives me some nice new featured to help with that. That doesn’t mean you will see any better content nor will it come any more often. It just means that the new version is out and i’m using it.

Site policy, contact info, registrations.

I’ve made a new page detailing the site policy, etc. I also realized that you apparently cannot leave comments for a page and that no one could contact me without using a post that may or may not be relevant. I’ve created a new text box on the left sidebar(to the right) with all my contact info to get ahold of me. I also turned on user registrations so people can have a little more of a permanent presence on my blog. If this starts getting abused by bots, etc. i may have to get some capchas in there or turn it off. If you request, i may up your status from subscriber to something that can submit posts, etc. to me.

I hope you enjoy the new changes and happy blogging :).

Prime Numbers

So, as you know from previous posts, I’m a geek. That means i like to do geeky things and then tell people. What do i have this time you ask? Why its a list of prime number up to and including 1005833, not counting 1(it was slightly more effort than i wanted to put in to this). Yeah, so i got bored and wrote the little program below in java to generate this. I decided to run it on my file/web server here. Its a 2.6 ghz pentium 4 with hyperthreading and it took about 4.5 hours to generate these.

public class CountPrime
public static void main(String[] args)
for(long i=1;i<30000000;i=i+2)
for(long j=i-1;j>1;j--)
if(i%j==0) break;
if(j==2) System.out.println(i);
}	}

This bring me to a little mini-rant. Notice how i’m using longs in the code above? Why not just do something smart and use unsigned integers giving you a nice 2^32 long space to work with? Well here’s the answer. JAVA DOESN’T FREAKING SUPPORT UNSIGNED ANYTHING!!!! I took 2 classes on java and never heard a word about this. I’ve defended java from idiots that for some reason like c or c++ without knowing this. How do you freaking design a programming language without support for something so unbelievable basic as unsigned integers or short or chars or bytes or longs or anything like that?

Ok, that was a little more than a mini-rant but i feel better now. Anywho, here are the list of prime numbers. The file is tar’ed and gzip’ed so if you’re using the only os in the world that doesn’t support it built-in (windows), its time to upgrade to something ‘nix based.

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