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Single User Mode Password Reset Mountain Lion Edition

My previous article on resetting a Mac OS X password using single user mode is by far the most popular post i’ve ever made.  That is to say, people actually go there intentionally.  Unfortunately, that post was made in 2008 and is just a little out of date.  For example, it talks about 10.4.  So, in an effort to induce hapless victims to visit once again, i’m doing an updated post for Lion (10.7) and now Mountain Lion (10.8).

In my previous post I included a last ditch effort involving wiping out the user database completely and allowing the Mac OS X setup assistant to run again and create a user.  I’m going to skip that.  If you wish, my previous post is still available and, to my knowledge, you can still reset the user database that way.  This post will be about resetting an existing user’s password.

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iPhone Ringtones

I got an iPhone! Wheeeeeee!!!
Sorry. So, i got me an iPhone for christmas. Its great. Its an iPod, its a phone, its a pda, its the best internet appliance there is, and its a great game platform too. Really, it beats my old phone out of the water in just about every way. But, there is one shortcoming it shares with all phones. Ringtones. Stupid little 5-30 second clips that should $!%@ing be free cost up to $3.00 on other platforms and cost an additional $.99 in addition to the cost of the song for the iPhone. Its wrong. Well, i’m Jesse. I don’t pay a full freaking dollar for 20-30 seconds of music. I also don’t rebuy the music for the privilege of paying that full dollar. You shouldn’t either. You have the music, you want the clip, and i’m going to tell you how to do it. Read more »

Software raid with linux.

Recently, i noticed my once massive 500 GB hard drive had been reduced to nothing more than 3-4 gigs of free space. I decided i wanted more. I also decided, i didn’t like the idea of one hard drive dying and taking every byte of data i’ve collected with it. This meant redundancy. Now, there are a lot of solutions out there for making storage redundant. But, I decided I had a price range of only $200-$300 total. There was now only one solution. Linux software raid. Read more »

Prime Numbers

So, as you know from previous posts, I’m a geek. That means i like to do geeky things and then tell people. What do i have this time you ask? Why its a list of prime number up to and including 1005833, not counting 1(it was slightly more effort than i wanted to put in to this). Yeah, so i got bored and wrote the little program below in java to generate this. I decided to run it on my file/web server here. Its a 2.6 ghz pentium 4 with hyperthreading and it took about 4.5 hours to generate these.

public class CountPrime
public static void main(String[] args)
for(long i=1;i<30000000;i=i+2)
for(long j=i-1;j>1;j--)
if(i%j==0) break;
if(j==2) System.out.println(i);
}	}

This bring me to a little mini-rant. Notice how i’m using longs in the code above? Why not just do something smart and use unsigned integers giving you a nice 2^32 long space to work with? Well here’s the answer. JAVA DOESN’T FREAKING SUPPORT UNSIGNED ANYTHING!!!! I took 2 classes on java and never heard a word about this. I’ve defended java from idiots that for some reason like c or c++ without knowing this. How do you freaking design a programming language without support for something so unbelievable basic as unsigned integers or short or chars or bytes or longs or anything like that?

Ok, that was a little more than a mini-rant but i feel better now. Anywho, here are the list of prime numbers. The file is tar’ed and gzip’ed so if you’re using the only os in the world that doesn’t support it built-in (windows), its time to upgrade to something ‘nix based.

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