My Gear

Since i’m kinda making a half-hearted attempt at keeping this site alive, i thought include a little more about me or, to be more precise, the physical items that define me.

My main computer is a 2.4 ghz MacBook Pro with 4 gigs of memory and a 250 GB hdd

This acts mostly as a desktop replacement when at home where i hook it up to a 22″ Samsung LCD Monitor.
Samsung 226BW
6 bit panel, 1680×1050.

Quick snap of my computer setup when at home.

Also pictured is my old first gen, fifth gen ipod (yes, thats technically correct), some random card reader, and my little 32 gig ipod touch (2.0 firmware and hacked of course). Also notice my cunning use of black tape to block the blindingly bright blue light so that i can sleep at night. Off to the right you can see a dvd burner in an external enclosure (usb unfortunately, cheap and the firewire burned out).

Down below the desk i have my dlink gigabit switch( a dgs 2205), an ancient wireless bridge(dlink dwl-800ap+), and a 300 gig drive in an external enclosure(also usb, stupid cheap enclosures burning out their firewire ports…).
Underneath my desk at home.

Off to the left you can see my fileserver. I’m not going to bore you with pics of it…its just a generic beige case. At the bottom you can see the dust thats collected from last night…seriously…I vacuumed it up less that 24 hours ago and it that bad already. You’ll also notice more of that fantastic light blocking tape. I”m real classy.

And last but not least, a view of the inside of my fileserver. Its a 2.6 ghz pentium 4 with hyperthreading. 512 megs of ram. An 80 gig boot drive with 1 gig for /boot, 10 gigs for /, and ~60 for whatever. It has a 120GB laptop drive i use to capture from mythtv. Also it has 5 500 gig drives in a software raid5 giving me 2 terabytes of redundant storage space.

Inside shot of my hdd\'s in my fileserver.

Well, there you have it. I also have other items like a cisco catalyst 3524 switch, etc. but i’ll save those for later. For now, drool in envy. Drool in envy.