Cops Everywhere!

Wow, we had a lot of excitement tonight. Some guy that lives on the same little subdivision area thing that i do barricaded himself in his house with guns. Cops were blocking both entrances up to my house and after 5 hours of waiting in my car (eventually my dad got off work and went out to dinner), we finally came back and tried again. This time a nice lady cop let us by after making sure we understood that it was at our own risk if we went home. Even as i write this that guy is still in there. I feel pretty safe though, from the looks of things, every cop in Star Valley was there along with several cops from Jackson and a tactical unit (swat team) from Jackson as well. There is also a house, several trees, and a mound of snow between us.

*Update* 10:30 pm

As soon as i posted this we got a call. The situation’s been “resolved” and everything’s clearing out. I don’t know what “resolved” means but i’ll update this as soon as i get more information.

*Update 2* 03/06/08 6:00 pm

More information here Deputies Respond to Firearm Incident.

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