ssh attempts

So. I run a server. And by that i mean i have a computer with many different services running on it that are accessible over a network. One of these services is ssh. Over the past few months while my computer has been exposed to the internet, i have received thousands of automated ssh login attempts by people doing a dictionary attack trying common usernames and password. I have decided to post some of the ip address and some of the more common usernames attempted. The first column is number of attempts since Oct 28 06:47:05.

1319   692 root
352   81 admin
275   79 test
168   41 guest
156   34 user
137   27 clark
120   23 oracle
105   21 smith
104   21 anderson
84   19 staff

ps. For the love of god if you know how to format that so that both columns are next to each other, tell me! I’ll give you a treat. Really, it will happen.

*Update* I cheated and got a table to do what i want. If anyone can tell me a better way please do. The treat thing still stands.

*Update 2* Nevermind, i’ve decided i like the way looks. After looking around a bit, it appears that there really isn’t a more elegant solution so i’m going to stick with it.

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